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BARBARA J. BOUCHEY ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC. specializes in financial planning, estate conservation and tax reduction strategies for affluent individuals, families and businesses. We are a NYS Registered Investment Advisory firm and a FINRA Broker/Dealer firm consulting to high net worth individuals and small businesses. We welcome new clients holding portfolios of $250,000 or more.

If you choose us as your financial planning partners, we'll work with you to design a solid blueprint for your success.


The goal of our investment approach is to help you create, increase and preserve your personal wealth so you can achieve financial independence. Our success will depend very much on yours.

We provide Investment Management services under a fee-based platform. The value of assets we manage for you will determine the .50% to 1.50% fee for designing, implementing and monitoring your portfolio. You'll encounter none of the hidden agendas commission-motivated planning can generate. Investment decisions are based on one objective---meeting our clients' financial goals. This way we are successful in establishing a true partnership with our clients.


People should respect investments as serious business. Generic advice applauded in the media cannot assure universal success. Information changes daily, and even hourly, and strategies that hold promise for some individuals can devastate others. For example, high risk investments that might speed growth for 40-year-olds building careers may wreak havoc with retiree portfolios.

Developing a plan to minimize risk and maximize returns first requires assessing a client's unique needs. Our asset allocation models take into account your risk tolerance, lifestyle, needs, concerns and the number of years before and after retirement.


Planning for retirement is critical no matter what the age of the client. For people about to retire or receive a lump sum distribution from their company, when and how to take this distribution is crucial. Their often irrevocable decisions will impact 30-40 years of retirement yet many rely on their own judgement or advice from human resource personnel.

Our firm can guide you to clear, informed choices about IRAs, Tax Sheltered Annuities, 401k plans, 403b plans, 457 plans and Pension and Profit Sharing plans. These areas are complex and confusing and pose a significant challenge to most investors. We scrutinize and evaluate every option available. Professional, objective direction will help you choose, establish and maintain solutions that will ease retirement.


You'll find financial planning is a discovery process. To determine how to get you where you want to be we first take a careful snapshot of where you are today. We ask a lot of questions and gather all of the information that relates to your financial life. By doing so, we can formulate a strategy to meet your precise goals for the future. After we prepare a financial plan for a client, we take the necessary steps to put the plan into action. We continually monitor a client's progress toward the accomplishment of their goals and keep them apprised of that progress on a regular basis. In short, our objective is to keep them on track so they can turn their dreams into realities.

Financial planning services are generally billed at an hourly rate according to the amount of time required in researching, analyzing, reviewing, calculating and responding to client requests. In addition, we like to coordinate efforts and offer assistance to your other advisors such as an attorney or accountant.


We help our clients understand their rights and privileges within the system. Additionally, we assist our clients with fund selection, asset allocation decisions, payout options and account transfers. This applies to money invested in RAs, SRAs, GSRAs, and TPAs. Please note that BARBARA J. BOUCHEY ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC. is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with TIAA/CREF.

Programs Offered

  • Mutual Funds - Stocks - Bonds - REITS
  • Tax Deferred Fixed or Variable Annuities - Variable Universal Life
  • SEP IRAs - Simple IRAs - Traditional IRAs - Roth IRAs - Rollover IRAs
  • 403(b)(7) Plans - 401(k) Plans - Custodial Accounts
  • Education IRAs - Trust Accounts - Profit Sharing Plans
  • TSAs - Trust Planning Services
  • Money Purchase Pension Plans
  • Life, Disability, & Long Term Care Insurance Planning & Products